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Father. Brother. Uncle. Who Will Hope Fuck Next?

Dear Diary:

Went to counselling with my brother today! Our therapist is so great! She's got us getting along better than ever!

Hope Fucks Her Daddy!

Last night I was doing laundry when my dad walked in on me. You'd think it wouldn't be a big deal you know, dad walking in on me doing chores, but I had just taken my clothes off to wash! Daddy couldn't help himself! He got behind me and started groping my naked body and I wasn't going to stop him! Next thing I knew I was on top of the washer getting my tight young pussy pounded! I was getting fucked so good I couldn't hold in my moans. I'm super surprised we didn't wake mom or my brother! I'm not the only person who couldn't hold anything in as daddy ended up filling my pussy with his hot cum!

Hope Fucks Her Brother!

My annoying older brother is always picking on me so mom and dad decided to send us to 'therapy'. Great, just what I want. So yesterday Russell and I were at our 'family therapy' appointment and the bitch snatched my phone out of my hands saying I needed to listen to her! She told my brother and I to take off our clothes threatening to tell our parents if we didn't listen. Next thing I know I have my brother's cock in my mouth while this crazy therapist lady is holding my hair back! Obviously I was into it, I mean come on I've been fucking my dad for how long? When Dr. Holmes told us to start fucking I didn't think twice. I just got on my brother's cock and started riding it like a cowgirl! Apparently Russell was enjoying himself too because his dumb ass came inside me! I told that fucker last week I wasn't on the fucking pill!

Hope Fucks Her Uncle!

Today while I was making dinner Uncle Phil came up to me acting kind of weird. I wasn't quite sure why until he came out and said 'I saw you with your father today.' Oh my gosh diary! I was so freaked out, confused & worried all at once! I almost didn't believe what Uncle Phil was saying until he said he watched Daddy fuck me from behind on the sofa! He threatened to tell mom on Daddy and I! He basically blackmailed me into giving him head. He enjoyed my lips wrapped around his cock so much that his dick was throbbing like crazy and boom, just like that, Unlce Phil was unloading a massive amount of cum onto my face and chest!

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